Postal and telephone numbers are as follows:

4 Gratton Road
England, U.K.
Phone number (UK): +44 (779) 356-3011

I attempt to maintain a contact address in Canada, but for now the following address is not monitored.
PO Box 22075
Calgary AB
T2P 4J1
Phone number (Canada): +1 (403) 397-2711

And, as I spend so much time in the Netherlands, I even have an address over there:
Oude Delft 162a
2611 GH Delft
Phone number (Netherlands): +31 70 447 3086

I have also played a bit with Google Maps and created a custom map of the UK address. You can move the map around and zoom in out. It looks pretty cool but I am sure that there is much more you could do. Like most things I got excited by the proof of concept and made it work, but I have no real requirement to make it much better, so it will stay as it is, a Google Map to 4 Gratton Road