I am no expert in art, but I do have a few pictures, mainly by First Nations artists from western Canada. This page shows some of the artists that I like and some of the pictures that I have bought. Of course, this means that anyone bidding against me at auction will start to recognise the art, artists and general style of pictures that I like, but hey, it doesn't take long to work that out either

Joane Cardinal-Schubert

Moonlight Sonota III by Joane Cardinal Schubert My current favourite artist is Joane Cardinal-Schubert in fact the first piece of original art that I bought was by her and it is still one of my favourite pictures. Either by good luck or fortunate (I have no pretense to belief that it is inherent good taste) the Moonlight Sonota series are featured on the artist's web site. I was not able to purchase the first in the series (which is the picture featured) but at least I got one of the pictures.

The image on the right is the actual picture that I have (Moonlight Sonota III) rather than the original in the series and the one featured on the web site.

Horse Protector by Joane Cardinal Schubert The image on the left is called Horse Protector but that was one of my failed attempts to buy at least 2 other pieces but have been outbid. I like to think that this is an indication of my good taste in recognising an artist who's pictures are appreciating in value. In fact it is probably just a reflection on the fact that I don't have enough money. The picture to the left is called Horse Protector and was for sale on day 2 of a two day auction. I had a particularly successful first day, and consequently had so little money left that I was easily out-bid for this particular piece. Which goes back to my belief that I may not have the best taste in the world, but I definitely don't have enough money to play with the big boys of the art world.

Alex Janvier

Good Soil Road by Alex Janvier Another First Nations artist, and also from Alberta is Alex Simeon Janvier. I like a lot of his earlier work, the more recent pictures are a little too angry for my taste (and a good number of them are just too BIG for me to put them anywhere). I attempted to purchase an original but was more concerned with trying to buy the Joane Cardinal-Schubert in the previous section.

I was able to purchase a print recently, which isn't quite the same as owning the original, but as I like to purchase art to look at it and appreciate it, rather than as an investment as long as the print is of something that is nice to look at, the prime objective has been achieved.

John Agg

Abstract by John Agg 1963 Sometimes I find that my own taste appears out of step with the rest of the art buying market. Which is a good thing because it means you can pick up a piece far more cheaply. This the case with the following picture. For whatever reason I liked it, but it was badly framed and as the artist painted it over 50 years ago I hold out no real hope of it ever particularly increasing value, but then I have never bought art as an investment- I buy paintings because I like them and I want to look at them. If they become more valuable over time, well that is just a bonus


National Geographic Afghan Girl And then there are pictures (or in this case a print) that you know nothing about, can find out nothing about the artist, in fact I am not even sure I can pronounce the name correctly, but you just like the look of. I believe that this print was created by an Inuit artist, all I know is that it looks good in my dining room

Purchases for Other People

A few years ago I house sat for some friends whilst they were away on vacation and we needed somewhere to stay whilst we were in Calgary. Rather than pay for the privilege I offered to buy a picture for them- so armed with a budget we hauled ourselves off to the art auction and they chose a number of pieces that I would bid on to try to win. This is the winner and I believe it still hangs in pride of place in their master bedroom's en-suite bathroom

Other Stuff

Then, of course there are all the other pictures that you want to keep. The story around this one is just amazing National Geographic Afghan Girl And if you ever see the photo taken after 20 years (and an incredible story of the search to find her you will see how life changes our faces.