This is version 3.0 of Batweb (I think). Version 1 was created in 1999 (or thereabouts) and used HTML. Version 2.0 was created in 2005 and was hand crafted XHTML, CSS and everything was custom developed. But between then and now a whole lot of simplification has come along for the web developer. So this is now much more of a jumping off point to various other hosted applications. More of a portal if you will

To that end, the navigation on the home page is broken into two:

The breakdown is a consequence of using the portal approach. Some of the content is better hosted by dedicated applications. Some of it still has no better home than here.

A major puzzle that I am trying to work out is whether or not all content should really be run using a Blog system. After all, the blog provides a natural "index" system (the create date) and categories allow simple searching. So why bother with any other sort of web site? Well, I'll get back to you on that one.

You will notice that the layout is extremely simple. That is for a number of reasons:

but it does concentrate the mind on the content.